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These 4 simple homecare tips will keep your skin healthy & on track for summer.


1. Use the right cleanser
Warmer weather stimulates additional oil production. It is essential to have your skin diagnosed in the summer months to ensure that you are using the right cleanser to keep your skin balanced and clean.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate
It is essential to exfoliate on a weekly basis, or twice a week for skins prone to breakouts. Not only will your skin feel cleaner and softer, you will notice that your products will work ten times better.

3. Boost the skin with a mask
The right mask will give the skin an instant boost. An absorbing mask will help absorb excess oil and clean out the pores while a cream mask will instantly sooth dehydrated skins. What better month for a mask offer.

4. Use a moisture protective that protects from moisture loss
An effective moisture protective will contain ingredients that are emollient based and have the ability to protect the skin from TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) no matter how dehydrating the environment is. All Ella Baché moisture protectives contain at least one or more emollients making every moisture protective effective at preventing dehydration.

Why not ask one of our qualified Beauty Therapists to diagnose your skin to determine the homecare solution to best suit your skin type.